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Does your crush like you?

We've all been in your position before. The feeling of butterflies and weakened knees. It's the love of your life walking passed you. You wish you could reach out and sweep them into your arms but you know that you can't. You don't know if they feel the same way about you!

Well wait no longer!

The Love Calculator uses a complex scientific method that helps to calculate whether or not your crush likes you back! It has worked for the friend who sent you this link, and it will DEFINITELY work for you!

It's totally free, it's fun, and simple! You can try out the Love Calculator formula by filling out the form. The advanced system will calculate the answers using a complex algorithm. Once the Love Calculator has calculated the total percentage, it will output an answer for you!

Step 1

First, enter your full name.

Step 2

Now, enter the names of your top 3 crushes and press continue to move onto the next step.

Crush 1:
Crush 2:
Crush 3:

Security Code:

to step three.